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Excerpt from the Declaration...


The CITY OF ILIRIKUM is a Free Zone - a community of freely associated citizens, who work to achieve the principles and goals contained in this Declaration. Free Zone - The city of Illyricum was founded on the traditions of Illyrian and other national cultures, civilizations and European values that in various ways touched the spiritual and political space of Illyricum. The creation of the City is conditioned by the need for equal inclusion of citizens in current and future economic, spiritual and other events in this area.

​The goal of the formation of the Free Zone - City of Illyricum is to, by its existence as an example of coexistence and cooperation in all the newly formed states of the region, encourage, promote and develop all the peculiarities and wealth of Illyricum as an entity formed on the peculiar ethnic, political and cultural wealth and peculiarities. In the implementation of these principles, the Declaration of the City is concretized through the commitment of its citizens, always exclusively in a democratic, non-violent way with dialogue and full respect for other beliefs, for the achievement of assigned tasks and goals.

Therefore, we, the undersigned members of the initiative board of the Founding Assembly of the Free Zone City of Illyricum, declare:


​The basic principle in the constitution of the system for which the City of Illyricum advocates is liberalism. Only a community based on the liberal principle of civil sovereignty can consistently implement our noble ideas. These conditions are necessary to ensure the inviolability of the sphere of human rights and individual freedoms. That is why we stand for the principle of civil sovereignty because it enables the preservation of good relations and tolerance among all ethnic groups that inhabit the historical Illyrian area. The city of Illyricum Ozon will be a place for national, religious and gender equality of all citizens of this area.

​The city of Illyricum will strive to preserve good relations, tolerance and harmony of living among all ethnic groups that inhabit the Illyrian historical area, so that in the future the citizens of this area will be spared from unpleasant ethnic upheavals. The city of Illyricum stands for full respect for fundamental freedoms and human rights - freedom of opinion, speech, public speaking and association in political and other communities. They will especially fight for the freedom of the press and all media for the sake of forming a democratic public.


​Illyricum is a multicultural, multi-religious and multilingual region. Centuries of pluri-ethnic coexistence in Illyricum resulted in the creation of such an ethnic characteristic that is expressed in Illyrian pluri-ethnic autochthonousness. Illyrianism is the awareness of the belonging of the Illyrian population of the Balkans to the common multicultural reality of Illyricum. Illyrianism represents a specific consciousness of belonging that refers to the processes of identification of Balkan people with a common territory and historical destiny. Illyrianism expresses the complex cultural inheritance of the historical Illyrian territory and its cultural realities, which relate to Illyrian, Illyrian-Latin, Illyrian-Slavic, Illyrian-Germanic, Illyrian-Byzantine and Illyrian-Ottoman culture. It refers to the cultural heritage of the Illyrian area, which is based on the complexity of local cultures, predominantly dialectal, which are located on the geo-political margins of certain national areas. Illyrianism as a sense of belonging characterizes the autochthonous population of Illyricum, and at the level of multi-ethical autochthonousness, it expresses the integrity of Illyricum as a geographical and multi-ethical region, unique and indivisible. Illyrians identify themselves by manifesting Bosniak, Serbian, Croatian, Albanian, Montenegrin, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Romanian, Slovenian, Italian nationality and Illyrian ethnicity. The specificity of the ethno-cultural characteristics of the Illyrian historical territory constitutes the cultural habitat of our homeland and represents an irreplaceable resource and wealth for the project of economic and cultural development of Illyricum.


Me as an Illyrian

​I actively oppose violence by affirming the peaceful and non-violent content of our traditions. That is why I, as an individual, a citizen of Illyricum, declare:

I stand for justice, love, peace and preservation of all creation!

My expression of respect for life is the renunciation of violence,

I stand for active non-violence in personal and social action.

I will advocate for forgiveness and reconciliation. "I want to forgive and receive forgiveness".

At the crossroads of social conflicts and committed violence, I advocate for the reconciliation of former Illyrian tribes as former parties to the conflict, because the healing of the community in which I live is important to me.

I get involved in building peace and social change where I live and am active in society, my religious or cultural community and my family, because peace is not an event, but a process.

I try to live the life of a man whose patriotic, moral and peace-loving principles are visible in his behavior.

I stand for solidarity and harmonious coexistence of individuals, groups, tribes, communities and nations of different worldviews and religious beliefs.


I will actively fight for my prosperity and a better future for myself, my family, community and country!








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