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Kolijevka / A cradle

Kolijevka - Prečko polje - Kaursko cemetery - Prečani - Gaj - Obla brda - Jelišin bor - Krstac

Prečko polje (1011 m/asl) is located at the foot of Treskavica mountain. It is about 15 km away from Trnovo. On the northeastern side of the field is the village of Prečani, after which the field got its name. There are several villages in the wider area: Obla Brda, Šabanci, Ostojići, Dejčići, Ledići, Dujmovići, Gaj, Mijanovići, Rahići, Umčani and others. The mentioned villages were burned and destroyed in the last war. After the war, most of the population returned to their hometowns and rebuilt their houses. Traces of war conflicts are still visible in Prečani today. Devastated houses gape at empty, bare stone walls without roofs. None of the houses have been rebuilt. Water, electricity, telephone were brought to the village, the macadam road was repaired, but none of the pre-war residents are returning.

Just before the First World War, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy began extensive research in this area, and it is believed that the location of the city was the location of the largest Illyrian city in the region, with more than 20,000 inhabitants, and the traces go back to 10,000 years before Christ. Numerous necropolises testify to the settlement of these regions. There are several of them in Prečko polje. The most important necropolis is the Kaur cemetery in Prečani. From the hills on Prečko polje, there are beautiful views of the nearby mountains Treskavica, Bjelašnica, Igman and Jahorina. From the top of Gaj (1042 m/asl) you can see the highest mountain peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Maglić (2386 m/asl) as if in the palm of your hand.

Enjoying a walk in the expanses of Prečko polje and exploring the necropolis is a privilege not to be missed.
The most suitable approach to Prečki polje from Sarajevo is on the road to Igman and Bjelašnica (next to the quarry in Krupac) to the fork in Gornja Grkarica. Further left along the road to the village of Dejčići. Before Dejčić, turn left onto the macadam road to the village of Prečani.

Stone sleepers located on Prečko polje at the foot of Treskavica mountain are permanent witnesses of the past, and today a favorite tourist route for many.

The fact that this area was once inhabited is indicated by the numerous necropolises and stećci of the Kaur cemetery, which offer unique views of the surrounding mountains, which like sentinels guard a unique cultural treasure.

During the war, Prečko polje was the scene of heavy battles, so it is not surprising that nature left its last mark on these areas.

The houses that were destroyed in the war were never rebuilt, and only a few homeowners bring life to this landscape. However, the unique oasis of peace, beautiful natural landscapes as well as the wealth of plant and medicinal species are only some of the reasons why most tourists decide to visit this destination.

The National Monument of the Kaur Cemetery consists of a necropolis with 184 stećaks, of which 9 ridges and 175 chests, old Muslim niches and the remains of walls. Stećci can roughly date from the 14th and 15th centuries.

They were carved in a nearby quarry in Gradina. Twenty specimens were decorated with different motifs and ornaments, various ribbons, shield and sword motifs, human figures, rosettes, crosses. Stećci are well carved, but due to weather conditions of heavy rains and wind, they cracked over time.

That is why the "CRADLE" of our and European civilization is of special importance for us! That's why we Illyrians are returning to our roots, right in this place... the cradle of our culture and tradition... we are returning to our MOTHER...

And now, after almost a thousand years, the first new Illyrian city will soon open its doors. After Baton, Ljudevit Gaj, King Alexander, Mufti Muamer Zukorlić... the visionary team led by President Mahir Žiško, associates, members and sympathizers of the Ilirska Zora regional movement, and with the ideas of great men from our ancient and recent past, will see the light of day, where it all started... It's our Dawn, Illyrian Dawn...God will help...



Festive song - Hymn of Illyricum


It's past midnight - what's waking me up?

At this time from my dream?

The strings played themselves

On the fiddle of my grandfather,

They danced out of the silence:

The dawn is breaking, there will be day!


Midnight passed - still covering

Peace over gentle valleys and mountains,

But a light breeze whispers

From the east to the blue sea,

She whispers sweetly from the silence:

The dawn is breaking, there will be day!


Midnight passed - asleep

The sea area lies;

But one from the east

Awakened flying bird,

She sings sweetly from the silence:

The dawn is breaking, there will be day!


Midnight passed - still in the dark

Heaven, earth, fire, water,

But it shines from the east

A splendid villa of the Illyrian race,

We hear her from the silence:

The dawn is breaking, there will be day!


The dawn is breaking, there will be day!

Turn to the golden bucket,

The glorious land of Illyria:

Here is Dawn in your bosom,

To discover the buried

All your treasures - here is the day!




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